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Successful dreams sponsored by broke pockets

  It is the one without two nickels to rub together, who can sit and think long enough to conceive a plan.  This plan will be nurtured with hard work and dedicated passion to the point it becomes a living … Continue reading

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The Kiss Burglar

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Baggage, drama, extra…that’s me!

You have to participate relentlessly in the manifestation of your own blessings. ~Elizabeth Gilbert I have baggage! Lots and lots of baggage! They have become filled from all my journeys… All what I have been, all who I have seen, all … Continue reading

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Going Deep!

I searched for you with a hungered urgent need Knowing your promise was my heart’s desire to believe You see, I have felt you before and your touch was mesmerizing Caressing my lips, my eyes, your probing was deliciously edifying … Continue reading

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