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Why he will NEVER pop THE QUESTION!

  You love him, he definitely loves you. He tells you he loves you and he does loving things for you. Still it is several years and he has not made the ultimate commitment of marriage. So, you wait and … Continue reading

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Why HE does not complete you!

The whole point of being alive is to evolve into the complete person you were intended to be. ~Oprah Winfrey As cute as that movie is, with Tom Cruise uttering those iconic and very romantic words, “you complete me”, if … Continue reading

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Beacon In The Night!

  If your mind is like a kaleidoscope, IMAGINE with every facet… If your heart is like the deepest wishing well, BELIEVE to its deepest depths… If your strength is like that of the strongest strong man, ACHIEVE with all … Continue reading

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Vulnerability for Visibility

Love may be blind, but it is what give us 20/20 vision to where we are ultimately able to bring each other into view. ~Catkins They are loud, boisterous, in your face and will “check” you in a minute! Sometimes … Continue reading

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Once Upon A Time…The Remix!

  I thought true love was unattainable Happiness was unimaginable and honest friends would be there to the very end. I thought good money wouldn’t be mine to hold I’d live in poverty and not streets paved in gold And … Continue reading

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Once Upon A Time…

  Once upon a time… I thought my love  would never change. I thought my career would last till I quit. I thought my life would bring me no sudden surprises. I thought my world could easily be controlled. Once upon a … Continue reading

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Create action or defend against reaction…

Action brings results. You don’t reward reaction; you reward results. It always seems like things are happening to you. No matter what, things just don’t seem to go the way you thought or would like. You feel like your life … Continue reading

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To Thine Own Self, Give Love!

All week I have been back strong writing in my blog. The topics have been centered-strongly around what else but LOVE! It is my focus and my goal. As the title of my blog says, LOVE, Designs Life! So, I … Continue reading

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My happiness grows in direct proportion to my acceptance, and in inverse proportion to my expectations. ~Michael J. Fox They say sometimes you should shrink so that the world can notice you, but if I am small and already not being … Continue reading

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A Sizzling Success

August, 17, 2013, Create Your Own Sizzle launched and it was a great success! An event created to help girls, young ladies, ladies and women of all kind. Workshops, empowerment speakers, performers, products and such, all came together in one … Continue reading

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