How to have a successful wedding!


Marriage: that I call the will of two to create the one who is more than those who created it.  ~Friedrich Nietzsche

Ahhh March! The month that is commonly noted as the starting of spring fever and of course sports fever, specifically basketball as in March Madness. We spring into action and even though spring can march in like a lion, it doesn’t always go out like a lamb. However, what I am most concerned with when it comes to March is, this is the time many a woman who was newly proposed to (Valentine’s Day) start the all out planning for a beautiful summer wedding. Lots of time, expense, and yes tears are spent in finding just the right everything to assure this event will be filled with happiness and memories to last the happy couple a lifetime. Some of the couples have been together for many years, some a year or two even still others a few months. Regardless, the preparation can become intense.

Now is the perfect time to pay close note to how your future hubby/wife deals with the planning. So many critical areas of marriage will be touched on at this time. Budgeting, time management, compromise, communication, forgiveness and yes even disappointment. Believe it or not, this is a perfect time to pay close attention to your relationship and put into practice all the skills you will hope to use within your marriage. For many, this planning time can literally destroy their relationship, if not cause tremendous stress on it. The focus becomes easily swayed from an event to prepare for a legal, and for many a spiritual life together, to putting on a party with all the bells and whistles that one can sometimes hardly afford. Bridezillas emerge as well as demanding mother-in-laws, etc. All focus is put squarely on the event and few cooler heads are prevailing.

That notwithstanding, this time can actually be a great time to get even closer together as you discover more of each others likes and dislikes. Remember to keep the focus on the impending marriage. Make sure to have lots of discussion with each other about how it will be after the marriage. Will things change? How? As someone who has been married before, I can tell you no matter how long you have been together, you may even have lived together, once the officiating person says “I now pronounce you man and wife…” a switch flips in the woman’s head to a position called “forever bonded togetherness.” Men went through that right up to the moment when they proposed, at that time, the woman was just busy saying to herself, “yes, he does want me and only me now and forever”, they were revealing in that new found position.

Instead of letting the beginning of your wedding planning turn into March Madness for real, allow this time to help you both spring into action as the last successful collaboration as boyfriend and girlfriend that has now ushered in the perfect beginning to a life of happy compromise between husband and wife. It may even be a great time to chronicle the journey. Your future children will love to see this period in your life. Also, in several years to come, you too will enjoy viewing that video again and again. Marriage is a beautiful symbol of love overflowing. There is non its equal when it comes to ultimate acts of faith that says I trust you and I believe in us. Even though women typically take great joy in the planning of a wedding, it has been noted that more than a few men enjoy it too! But even if they are only mildly interested, do not be tempted not to check with him to see what his desires are. The only fever you want to burn hotter and hotter, is your desire to be one with each other and create your own happily ever after, together forever!

Peace & Light

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6 Responses to How to have a successful wedding!

  1. I never want to be NOT married. I love my soul being connected to my soul mate. Brandi, may you enjoy a life of maturation on this side an eternity on the otherside with your soul mate. Thank you for sharing such an inspiring article, Carol and a wonderful reminder of life purpose.

  2. Truer words have never been spoken on this day! Planning a wedding will definitely show you all the strengths and weaknesses of your future spouse. I happened to enjoy my wedding planning time more than I despised it. So much so, that I want to plan another one (with the same guy of course!)

  3. Brandi says:

    I agree wholeheartedly with this post. I’m in the wedding planning phase now, and it is great to learn how to collaborate with my partner on this project! It makes me super excited for our life together!

    • Congratulations again Brandi! Marriage IS the ultimate collaboration. When it seems the most unfair, the hardest to do and when every fiber in your being is saying I am right, this is the perfect time to find how you can collaborate so you both can feel heard. It may mean that you let go this time in favor or him or he you and you may do that several times, don’t keep score just do it because that is the mindset that will make your marriage successful.

      Peace & Light

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