What Type of Woman Attracts Men Pt. 2


In my first article, What Type Of Woman Attracts Men… I took on a twist and did not actually speak about the kind of woman you must be to attract a man, but spoke of what kind of persona you need to let go of, if you will in fact be able to keep or attract a man. As I said in the article, men are attracted to all kinds of women, so to believe that I can tell you what woman men are attracted to is simply presumptuous. So, while I may not be able to say what kind of women men are attracted to, I can absolutely tell you what kind of women men are not attracted to.  A while back I wrote a blog entry entitled Woman of Your Dreams/Nightmare!? This article was very popular. It gave some examples of women men love. It also gave a couple of examples of women that are not so welcome.

I write these articles because many lost relationships are sabotaged by these persona and ladies are just not aware of it. They have either adopted these behaviors in response to a failed relationship or from gathering information from their girls, which is based on their failed relationships. I am definitely not trying to criticize anyone. What I want to do is enlighten women. Ladies know this, for most of us, it is not a simple matter to find a mate. To be truly successful in this pursuit, we must firstly stop pursuing. No matter how liberated you are, some things must be done in a certain way simply, because we do not control anyone but ourselves. Men are coded to be the one to pursue women. They value the pursuit and it holds importance in the whole courtship process. I believe it has something to do with the traditional role of hunter and gatherer. Below are personality types that should be avoided.

Thirsty Woman
This woman is practically begging a man to marry her. While it is a good thing to let a man know that you are interested in marriage up front, it is not a good thing to accept that man who you happen to be with as Mr. Right and hence with every opportunity beg a proposal out of him. These women are typically desperately in love with the idea of being in love. They want the fairytale marriage and will do anything to get it. They have decided that this is what they deserve, never mind be sure that the man they are with is the deserving chap. Unfortunately, these women set themselves up to be used by men. Men are human too, and being pursued relentlessly is good for some fun. But you can best believe desperation is attractive to no one especially not a man and instead of fun, you can become the toy.

Do It All Woman
You make lunch and dinner, your car is at his disposal, you go pay his bills, pick buy him groceries, but he has yet to officially call you his girlfriend, yet you are giving him all the services of a girlfriend. Yes ma’am you are doing too much! Of course you want to show a deserving man that you are capable and wiling to do these things, but as I said before, men like the chase. If he has not put in the effort and time to win your affection, loyalty and yes special services, he will not see any reason work hard and yes, put a ring on it.

Cling On Woman
Where do I even start! Most of the descriptions I could give you probably already know, so I will give some that you may not even realize was a symptom of clinging. She is as sweet as pie, too good to be true. You just met, but she is ready to cater to you with all issues. Setting herself up to appear to be indispensable is her way of making sure that that man sees her as someone he just can’t live without. That man knows he has not earned this and he is not believing it for one moment. His clingy radar has just been alerted. Another new era cling on is the woman who is on Facebook looking at his friend list and sending them all friend requests. She is responding to their statuses and sharing things on their page. And don’t forget the woman who never stands up or has her own opinions. She loves what you love, thinks how you think and agrees with everything you say. Finally, if she is calling you boo or bae (short for babe) and is super mushy, lovey dovey after a week of knowing each other, yeah she is spinning her romantic web in her head and you are cast in the role of the adoring lover. Bottom line, she is desperate to be loved.

When did it get so complicated? When did women become embroiled in all these different persona? It seems that even though we have more freedoms as women, we still want marriage and we will do just about anything to get it. There is nothing wrong with wanting marriage, after all we are social creatures and we are not meant to live and be alone.  Healthy relationships are becoming less and less the norm as divorce rates climb higher and higher. Even though the women I have described are single, these could easily be married women and they can end up with broken marriages.

We must take care of our mental health. With more freedoms come more mental anguish as we struggle to know what is healthy and what is not. Just remember, what our spirit wants our spirit will get. Feed yours well and it will guide you true.

Peace & Light

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14 Responses to What Type of Woman Attracts Men Pt. 2

  1. As an under 25 y.o. I SO AGREE lol. With every experience I’m learning, but knowing myself has truly helped when it comes to relationships with guys. I do have to say. I ain’t neva been thirsty lolol

  2. Its easier to say someone else is one of these, but if you are it then its not so obvious. Great observation!

    • Arelis, I have been some of these women and so I know it is not something you most times consciously go into. Different things happen to cause us to go in these directions. Being able to see ourselves in the throes of these persona is invaluable and not all can do, but if we can help each other, not judge each other, then we can make significant strides in life and be happier and healthier for it.

      Peace & Light

  3. I agree. Sometimes we should stop pursuing men. If a man wants you, he’ll call. He’ll want to spend time with you. He’ll want to do things for you. If not, don’t beat yourself up or put yourself down. Not everyone is for you, and that’s OK:)

    • 6 billion people on this earth, yep not everyone is for you. When you trust and believe that what you have, who you are and what you have to offer deserves not a perfect man, but a man suited perfectly for you, you will have the patience to entertain none but the ones that can complement you. Also, the more you pass on unsuitable men, the more strength and determination you gain in your journey as long as you don’t look at it as failures but valuable learning experiences meant to prepare you for the one.

      Peace & Light

  4. Chasing Joy says:

    As a single girl I do appreciate the advice here. I have had a hard time meeting decent dateable men. I’m typing this actually when I should be on a date that feel through. I do struggle to keep my desire to be married in check so that it does not morph into any of the above personality traits.

    • Chasing Joy, I can appreciate your journey. It is not an easy, simple thing because you are not an easy, simple woman. Keep focused on who you are and make your choices based on who is suited to you. Consistent action not consistent words is the key. Let none shake your commitment to yourself and know that the one who is truly interested will rise to the top even if that search may take longer than you like.

      Peace & Light

  5. Anonymous says:

    So very true..

  6. cocoamommy says:

    Wow, a wonderful post. I agree wholeheartedly on not pursuing. In my experience going from being seperated and now divorced it was never an issue meeting anyone. What I know now is what is relevant to me and that makes it so easy to weed out those who are not a good fit. It takes time to build a healthy and valuable friendship so it is definitely important to make time for this before anything else can evolve.

  7. I am not looking to marry but these tips are great just to help keep me going with my relationship. The best thing to happen to me was to take some time to get to know Rachee and what I needed and wanted. Once that was settled, everything was all good.

    • You did the absolute right things. That’s the key, when you know yourself and your needs, then you can pick someone who is suited for you. Very happy for you. All the best 🙂

      Peace & Light

  8. I have been happily married for a really long time and I am enjoying this series. These tips also give behaviors that should be avoided in marriage if a person wants to keep a mate. Keep the articles coming!

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