Come into my life…share my love!


To understand that you are loveable is a gift from God, however this is not the end of the story.  To complete the cycle, we must now be willing to receive love.  Again, I know you are saying who in their right mind would not receive love?  Oh I can tell you, many!  You see receiving love goes back to what I said in my previous post The personification of LOVE, it is all about acceptance. To love someone is to accept them just as you accept yourself.  It is to realize that the spirit is a perfect entity that remains with us always and wants to do nothing but lift our pain.  It does not care about the past because everything is in the present where past hurts do not exist, hence loving is always immediate and constant.  Alas, that is what so many of us have a hard time doing.  We cannot let past go!  Because of this, to accept love becomes hard.  We decide that is won’t last because of past experiences.  We feel that we are not able to handle let down if we give love and it is not returned.  We do not look at love as a gift, we look at love as a commodity to be traded in return for behaviors that are always perfectly loving as WE see it.  So, since we have become judge and jury on the subject of love, we ration it out.  That act of rationing then makes us believe that love is scarce and so we give very little of it and when it comes at us, we trust almost none of it.  Now do you see what I mean?  How many of us can truly say that all love that has been directed our way we have received and reciprocated, or have we just picked through for the ones we believe we can feel the same way towards?  I will say it again, all love is a gift to be acknowledged and treasured because the more of it you have in your life the more of it you will give and the more you will get, and so on and so on.

Now for those who still don’t get it and believe that there just is no love out there for them, have you examined your love for God.  Is it true? Is it unyielding? To understand he is the source and his ability to love us is limited only by our ability to receive it, is the key.  His love is always constant, here and now.  To see God’s love we MUST learn to receive love from our intimate relationships.  The fact that it takes us time to see and understand that, does not mean God is any less loving toward us.

What limits our ability to receive love?  Negativity!  Yeah, yeah, yeah, right about now you are saying, I ain’t negative.  I am not a hater.  Yet, we shut out so many in our lives because they don’t reciprocate what we have done in the past for them with never ending acts of gratitude.  We place a barrier against them because we want them never to change.  Do you know that once you love, you can never not love, and by the same token those who love you keep on loving?  The only reason you believe they don’t love you or love you less is when you stop loving you or start loving you less.  If you believe you are infinitely loveable then you know that those who have shared love with you no matter what still have love for you and any decrease you perceive is directly related to your decrease in love for yourself.  Marinate on that for a minute.  This is where the negativity exists, it exists with you towards you.  It is the barometer you use to measure love you receive.

Never forget being offered love is like being offered a direct gift from God, but at the same time it is giving a gift to God!

Try this, receive all love that is being offered to you.  Separate the way someone chooses to live their life from their love to you.  The two are not related.  If I offered you a beautiful plum, juicy and sweet, you would not reject it because I did not offer you the tree it came from.  You would accept that gift.  Accept the gift of love and know that it will nurture your soul much like the fruit would nurture your body causing you to be stronger and more fruitful with your love.  Never forget being offered love is like being offered a direct gift from God, but at the same time it is giving a gift to God!  ONE LOVE!!!!


About Caroll Atkins

Loving Designing Living!! All forms of design intrigue me. As a graphic designer, I design for my livelihood (C.A.SlyDesigns) but as a writer, I do it for my living! At this time in my life, I MUST write. LoveDesignLife, is my joy and my gift to you. If my articles resonate with you, I pray they will also help you in life much as living them and writing about them has helped me. Today, it is no longer about thinking outside of the box. It’s bigger!! It is all about “Transcending the sphere!” coined by yours truly. I work hard to accomplish my goals. However, if I ever fall short I don’t worry I just eat cake cause tomorrow is another day!!
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8 Responses to Come into my life…share my love!

  1. Christine says:

    Wow! What a great post! ” If I offered you a beautiful plum, juicy and sweet, you would not reject it because I did not offer you the tree it came from.” I love this analogy and will keep this in the back of my mind for future use 🙂

  2. melisasource says:

    Some very valuable food for thought here! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Peter Moore says:

    Great advice… just what I needed!!

  4. Thanks Tosh! You know me, when I commit I go in, lol. Please share with all who you believe may need it. When I am writing I feel inspired and stuff clicks, so I hope it does the same for the reader 🙂 Thanks for the love, I receive it too!

  5. This is amazing! The plum example is wisdom handed down at it’s best! Caroll I see you taking off with these BIG time……do you understand how many folks need this! I know about 10 right now. YOU ARE A LIFE COACH! Im so glad you are mine! Much love….thanks for giving LOVE! I recieve….I recieve….

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