The personification of LOVE.

One of the most complex yet compelling subject is love.  We want IT, we don’t want it.  We need IT, we don’t need IT.  Regardless of how you feel about IT, IT is always a topic of discussion.  While most of our discussion centers on the romantic notion of IT, we don’t spend a lot of time discussing how we figure into a love equation.  What I mean is, we are quick to talk about who loves us and who doesn’t or who we love and who we don’t or even more provocative who we wish would love us.  So, ask yourself this question, are you lovable?  Oh, I can hear it now, what do you mean am I lovable?  Haven’t we learned as a society that everyone deserves love?  Yes, but that is not what I am asking.  Sure you deserve love, but again what I am really asking is do you see/believe that you are lovable?  For many of us this is easier said than done.  Oh we can yell out with bravado that I love myself, I don’t know what you are talking about! However, when we are alone with ourselves and we play that questions back if we are honest we may have a different response.

How can we move pass this issue?  Short of therapy to tackle this issue, because yes I do believe it is an issue and a major one at that.  Not possessing self-love is detrimental to every aspect of your life and you will not be living your best most truest and authentic life, if this situation is allowed to go unchecked.  So look at it this way.  We are all spiritual beings.  Our spirit wants nothing but peace and lightness of being.  Our spirits are nothing but a gift of love from God, so our spirits are love and hence lovable.  The unfortunate part is so many of us do not live from the level of our spirit.  It becomes covered up with hurts of the past, not receiving love and basically being made to believe that we are not worthy of love.  Even though this can be a situation that has been prolonged in our lives, the one thing that can never be done is to kill spirit.  Spirit lives on even when we are gone.  It is the essence of who we truly are.  There is nothing that can tarnish your spirit.  Nothing can render you unloved!

So now that you see how you are inherently lovable, do you believe that pushing past hurts, and injustices and allowing your true spirit to shine will attract love to you?  Believing that negative things that happened to you are not of you and so you are not the offer of them and neither will your spirit is the ultimate step in claiming and living your lovable status.  For those who think they can fool others into believing that they are there, remember you can never fool your spirit.  It never leaves you and is always there deep down dealing with only your real subconscious thoughts.  Change your mindset, change your outcome, not superficially but spiritually.

No longer must you work hard to create an outside persona to solicit love to you.  Work on letting go of hurt so you can project love and that is what will ultimately bring love to you.  Now for my ladies who say I do that, but it doesn’t work.  Remember love is blind especially to one who has baggage like what I previously spoke about.  You will never and I do mean never see love through that veil of deceit that has been place on your spirit.  Just because you want it and feel you must have it and need it doesn’t mean that you have the “qualifications” to see it.  Desperation causes us to make poor choices.  When you do start living on the spiritual level, you realize that you don’t have to see it, it sees you and comes to you and makes itself known to you. Finally, we all probably agree that perception is reality.  Change your perception, experience a different reality and that ladies and gentleman does not require expensive cosmetic surgeries, sexier clothing, and high priced gadgets and toys.  You can do this simply.  Don’t change who you are, SEE who you are!!


About Caroll Atkins

Loving Designing Living!! All forms of design intrigue me. As a graphic designer, I design for my livelihood (C.A.SlyDesigns) but as a writer, I do it for my living! At this time in my life, I MUST write. LoveDesignLife, is my joy and my gift to you. If my articles resonate with you, I pray they will also help you in life much as living them and writing about them has helped me. Today, it is no longer about thinking outside of the box. It’s bigger!! It is all about “Transcending the sphere!” coined by yours truly. I work hard to accomplish my goals. However, if I ever fall short I don’t worry I just eat cake cause tomorrow is another day!!
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  3. It seems like each and every day you are in my mind! Love…learning to love the real me..FLAT BUTT and all! Thanks Caroll! #tear

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